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The Swim Team Crash Course

The Swim Team runs swimming crash courses in the school holidays at some of our current swim school locations. We take children from 3 years upwards and can we can tailor the course to your needs. Typically they will run for 4 consecutive days but we appreciate the holidays are a busy time so we look at how we can support your child’s swimming journey and book you onto a course that works for you.

How does the crash course work?

The crash course consists of intensive and accelerated swimming lessons designed to teach swimming skills in a short period of time. Great to get swim ready for a holiday, or to build on confidence or accelerate strokes and techniques.

The lessons:

  • 4 lessons in 1 week = to a months worth of lessons in  1 week!  (can be tailored to your needs)
  • 30 minute lessons
  • Maximum 5 children to 1 instructor
  • Accelerated learning and confidence building 
  • Suitable for all levels

Who can take part in the crash course:

  • New to swimming: build your childs water confidence
  • Non swimmers: start to swim without armbands
  • Beginners: learn strokes and techniques to progress ability
  • Intermediate: develop skills and techniques to progress through the learn to swim programme

What are the benefits of a crash course?

A children’s swimming crash course offers several benefits for young swimmers. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Accelerated Learning: The intensive nature of a crash course allows children to learn basic swimming skills at a faster pace compared to traditional swimming lessons. This can be particularly beneficial for children who need to learn swimming skills quickly, such as before a holiday.
  2. Water Safety: Learning to swim is an essential life skill that promotes water safety. A crash course can help children develop water safety awareness, including understanding pool rules, recognizing potential hazards, and learning self-rescue techniques. This knowledge can greatly reduce the risk of accidents and drowning incidents.
  3. Confidence Building: The focused and supportive environment of a crash course helps children build confidence in the water. By mastering basic swimming skills in a short period of time, children gain a sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem.
  4. Muscle Development and Fitness: Swimming is a full-body exercise that engages multiple muscle groups. Through a crash course, children can improve their strength, endurance, coordination, and flexibility. Regular swimming can also contribute to overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Social Interaction: Participating in a crash course allows children to interact and socialize with their peers who share a common interest in swimming. This can help develop teamwork, communication skills, and the ability to make new friends.
  6. Overcoming Fear of Water: For children who may be afraid of water or have anxiety about swimming, a crash course can provide a structured and supportive environment to gradually overcome those fears. Experienced instructors can use specific techniques to help children feel more comfortable and confident in the water.
  7. Foundation for Advanced Skills: A crash course lays a solid foundation for further swimming development. Once children have mastered basic skills, they can build upon them and progress to more advanced techniques and strokes in subsequent lessons or programs.
  8. Fun and Enjoyment: Swimming is a fun and enjoyable activity for children. A crash course allows them to experience the joy of being in the water, playing games, and exploring new aquatic adventures. This positive association with swimming can encourage them to continue pursuing the sport in the future.

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